Sunday, August 24, 2008

clean air and green everywhere

Because we live in a desert, we really miss the beautiful pacific northwest. And we always miss our families. So, we took a little (or long) trip home two weeks ago. It was relaxing and fun and so nice to not think about planning a wedding or getting married. (Though those things were good in their own time).

And it was so wonderful to see familiar things like this:

and gorgeous sights like this.

Needless to say, it was a trip of many ferries. These large boats are so special to us for many reasons, and the many ferries ridden throughout the San Juan Islands during this trip created so many fun memories that it's difficult to pick and choose which ones to share. So, we are posting way too many pictures to show how much fun we had.

taking advantage of spontaneous photo ops

being in love
breathing clear skies and blue water
spending time with family
playing on the beach
clamming--a first for Jon
camping on the water where we could hear ferries passing by being kids; riding bikes and towing things in a radio flyer

climbing trees
eating way too much Lopez Island ice cream
creating flip flop heros
jumping in just to say we did
freezing from the 40 degree water
discovering more photo ops on the ferry

hanging on for dear life at Mt. Constitution
thinking about how we want to live in a place with this view
taking in the colors of Puget Sound sunsetsventuring to Whidbey Island's garage sales, farmer's market, magic thrift store, and Mad Crab restaurant to eat the most delicious blackened salmon Caesar salad known to the world
exploring the abandoned cavities of Ft. Casey
rescuing Spot, the baby bunny, and holding a garbage can funeral for him the next morning
spending quality time with Olivia
getting our own chocolixirs to soften the blow of the long drive back to Utah
entertaining ourselves in the car
looking back
and forever missing this.

We were able to spend a few days camping with Meghan's family and then a few days relaxing with Jon's family. While with the Beutlers on Camano Island, we drove to Seattle for one of Jessalin's art shows and chose a painting to hang in our home, went to La Conner for lunch and shopping for pretty Italian kitchen goodies, watched the Olympics, cooked, ate, and talked together, and enjoyed the company of those we love. Thankfully, we got to experience some overcast skies and rain as well. It was such a refreshing trip, and we came back a little sad, but ready to start the school year and accept the responsibilities ahead of us.

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