Thursday, April 17, 2014

learning to communicate

 Just a little while ago, Penn very deliberately pointed, all 5 fingers of his hand splayed enthusiastically, to our engagement photo that sits on top of the piano. I obliged and gave him the picture frame, and he sat and loved on it for about 5 minutes before moving onto the next item on his agenda. I love this stage of my baby learning how to communicate his wants and feeling so triumphant when we understand. It's so rewarding (on his end too, I'm sure), to see him so happy because of something he's figured out intellectually. I get so sad that Penn is not a tiny baby anymore, but so thrilled that in this stage, he is growing in ways that show his true personality- affectionate, daring (with a tiny bit of caution), motivated, mischievous, loving, funny, and smart.

Monday, March 24, 2014

one month apart

 The juxtaposition of these few pictures is funny and endearing to me for a few reasons: the lighting on February 23 around the same time in the evening versus the lighting on March 23, the excited Baylor-dog who gets in the way of pictures, how much older Emory looks now compared to a month ago, the missing rug-gone to the wash both months at the same time, and boys who love their father and his attention more than anything.

I love them all, the four of them.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

penn-baby during that last week that he's a zero-year-old

I took these photos the other morning, documenting our daily morning routine that we've had for a while now. The morning I took them, I didn't even realize that the final product would show the events of our day-to-day so well, but it turns out we have it all in sequence. 

Jon and Emory leave for preschool and while I do the dishes, Penn terrorizes the office, playing with the guitar, reorganizing the visiting teaching white board I have going (it won't be to fun to re-do all the routes that took hours to organize already- hours that are hard to come by during my time as a busy mama and relief society president, I might add), pulling books off the shelves, and getting into dog toys and whatnot. 

After all that, we go upstairs and clean Penn's face (and hair) and change his diaper, so he can be fresh and clean for his nap. But first, we read. Getting dressed happens in stages between books and in quick moments as P-diddy moves around the room. I love how much my baby loves books, because I loved boos as a baby too. He will almost always choose a book over a toy, and reading is the one activity that will keep his attention well enough to keep him still and content, sitting in my lap. His current favorites are Baby Says Peekaboo, Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb, and Baby Einstein First Words, particularly the page about the underwater animals. 

Then I swaddle Penn and breastfeed him, and he falls asleep in my arms. I always get a little sad to leave him in his crib because I know with each nap he takes, he gets a little older, leaving behind more of the baby he is now, Though this boy has never been a stellar napper, he's sleeping pretty well these days and I never regret all those newborn months of holding him for naps. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

a ridiculous amount of photos to document Penn's first haircut

^^^the before look: scraggly and full of dinner too^^^
^^^first cut^^^
and then we determined the Penn is far too wiggly and had to bring out the clippers

and moved him to the counter

^^^and the new look^^^

I can't believe my baby is not even 9.5 months old and we had to give him his first haircut, but he looks so handsome and adorable. Hopefully he'll stay a little cleaner and less greasy this way too. (Translation: hopefully not as much food will end up in his hair but who am I kidding, really?).