Thursday, March 26, 2015

Penn-boy no longer a baby

On the night before my baby turns 2, I want to record some things I never want to forget about him:

*his obsession with gloves. and not just having his gloves on his hands, but talking about any gloves he sees on other people, lying around, or in pictures.
*his sense of humor and how he can't seem to get in trouble or be disciplined because when he knows he has misbehaved he either turns up the charm or the comedy
*his sweet little raspy voice that mostly talks about "aaaachs" (cars), "ooowas" (planes), and "biiiiiih" (dirt bikes), and "wads" (quads- said really quickly and breathy)
*how he is truly his own little person, attaching himself to dirt bikes more than any other vehicles, which is remarkable considering his influences
*his empathy for others
*how much he loves saying "hi" to his baby sister and giving my belly loves
*his love for the moon
*how he asks to go in the car on a regular basis now, and has a hard time being patient about it
*his initiative. this kid will turn desire into results and he's usually successful. when it doesn't work, he has a hard time asking for help, I think because he's more frustrated with his own limitations than anything
*his love for music and especially his shoulder groove dance
*how I always find him with either a dirt bike and a quad, a dirt bike and a bmw, two quads, a dirt bike and a plane, a dirt bike and a motorcycle...
*his love for his Seahawks shirt, and Emory's Seahawks shirt too
*how if he can't find gloves, he'll always find socks to improvise and go use the rocking orca as a motorcycle or quad
*how if we read his "First Words" book he points to the picture of the dandelion and explains to me in his language that he sees those over by the cars Jon works with
*how he calls me "Ma," Jon "Deesce," and Emory "Ory"
*his obsession with the "ooooooh" story in the Book of Mormon (the story of Nephi's family sailing to the promised land in a boat
*his blankie.
his love for looking at pictures and videos of our family on our phones
*how he loves to tickle himself and be tickled
*his ability to really rouse his brother while playing and roughhousing
*how if I encourage him to say something "with his mouth" instead of using signs, he will point to his mouth
*the way he says amen "ai-nah"
*how he wants me to kiss his hurts better, even if they're not that bad
*his love for dirt
*his love for books
*how he points to something and grunts a certain way when he wants to know the color
*how tonight as I sang to him, he grabbed both of my cheeks in his hands and pulled our faces together

This kid is something else. I adore my Penn Albin.

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