Tuesday, August 26, 2014

from 4 to 5

My Emory Shawn turns 5 tomorrow (technically today, since it's so late). This is the last picture of him as a 4-year-old. He put on his new pj shirt and happily tried on all his new school pants to make sure they fit- kindergarten! How did we get here?!? Tonight I read him the long version of one of his favorite books, Emergency, sang him "a really long song" (Souviens-toi), and scratched and then rubbed his back by request until he got super sleepy and turned towards me and said, "I'm ready for you to leave now." I have to say, I feel like these special moments with Emory don't come often enough, so I soak them up when they do come. As I laid in bed with him tonight, I thought of some of the most memorable things about E at 4 years old. This has been a huge growing year for us as parents of this kid, and a huge growing year for him as well- he's blossoming into someone who, although still shy, can speak his mind and opinions easily when asked, is quite decisive, and is so well-behaved with an obedient spirit (with some spunk and fight against his mama at times too).

his term "4-nit size"
his wife Relijah
his kids, including Kijo and Kingo
his imaginary friends Bocci and Zig
his work to stop biting his nails- accomplished finally last week!
his random exclamations of "I like you, mama"
how he gets "restracted" while cleaning his room
his fierce love for Baylor, the dog
his methodical approach- reminds me of his nunu
his incessantly backwards shirts
his two wives from preschool, and his sadness when one of them became a vampire instead one day
his "let me tell you a story" moments
his independence in the morning before we're up
his outstanding behavior at church and in preschool
his way of writing the letter Y with three lines, unconnected
his love for Penn, especially as Penn has gotten older and more interactive
his concern for others when something is wrong
his bravery in the primary program and his school programs- loves the mic
his varied car/motor sounds- a true boy
his dealership "Brand New Motors" and the car window stickers for his toys that mimic his dad's decals
his sense of direction
his favorite color "light blue"
his outbursts of "I love this!" in the middle of roughhousing, especially when both parents play
the way he stands when he rides his quad
his preference for his dad

Happiest 5th Birthday, dear Emory boy. I love you so much!

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