Sunday, August 24, 2008

home sweet home

Since we've had but a few friend visitors, and we finally decorated recently, we figured it would be nice to put up some pictures of our little home here in Sugar House. Jon is attending Westminster College, which is only 4 blocks west of where we live. Nice commute for him! Meghan has a few classes spread over 2 semesters left at BYU. Thankfully, the train and bus are an inexpensive and productive way to commute. We are so happy to be in Salt Lake City, and in a neat and diverse area of the city, too. It's a nice balance between home in liberal western Washington and the bubble of Provo.

Here are a few pictures of when we moved in... Meghan's elbow was fractured and Jon had to do just about everything! That's why it's empty! No, really, it just took us a while to find all our furniture and get settled. These few photos were taken our first night in our apartment. Notice the picnic on the living room floor.

And here are a few photos taken more recently.

Our bed with our inexpensive and personally customized IKEA sailboat decorations. Our pretty duvet cover is taking a rest during the hot weather. When it returns, we'll post more photos.

Our amazing craigslist-found dressers. We love them!

Our living room with our most favored pieces of furniture: the couch and ottoman.
Another living room wall--we forgot to take the pussy willows from home but they are supposed to go in the big vase.

Our desk set up--we love our computer more all the time.

The kitchen.

Jon requested filet mignon for Father's Day dinner, so we had a fancy spread.

Our teeny tiny bathroom, but the shower is full size, so that's good news.

And the non-exciting hallway.

So now you can all come visit to see it in person! We're happy here and we plan to stay until the end of our contract, be that in January or in May. For now, the size is great for just the two of us, and the location is amazing. We're so happy to be together. Despite what almost everyone told us before we were married about adjusting to life together, it's been so nice for us to finally be married and have the privilege.


  1. Meghan, your elbow was fractured?? I guess we don't talk enough!

  2. Seriously. We should talk more. How are your wedding plans coming? And where will the event take place?

  3. WOW, your place looks a lot better now very nice. Last time I was there helping you move your the big couch down the steps. The place looks real good. Oh and HI!