Friday, September 26, 2008

autumn is upon us

Autumn is the most beautiful season in Utah. Well, really it's the most beautiful season almost anywhere, and with the colors changing in the mountains, we couldn't resist taking the MINI up the canyon for a Sunday drive and picnic with incredible views. It's quiet and peaceful up there, and such a relief from the concrete, billboards, and smog in the valley.

Also, we had quite the treat on the way up. Jon was thrilled!

This F430 passed just as we got the camera ready for the Porsches. Lucky timing. And the cool temperature thrilled us both. It was so nice to wear socks and jackets and shiver a little.
The bounty of cold temperatures.

ps the overload of MINI photos is for Hayley.

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  1. The leaves and stuff look beautiful. I love the fall just hate the winter. I hope you guys are doing good, maybe we can get together sometime.