Sunday, November 30, 2008

christmas in the making

What do we do to cure the coming back to Utah blues? Buy a Christmas tree, of course. Somehow, some way, the magical Christmas fairies helped us find a $20 noble at the first place we went to. Thanks to craigslist, one of our best friends. And ever since we found it, it's been the center of our lives. Take a look...

preparing for the stand
beastly muscle man
yeah, it was about 7 feet tall before we trimmed it
the needles smell sooo good
Jon fighting with the lights
trimming the beauty with our collection of ornaments
topping it off
decorating around the "house"
including Jon's first attempt at a wreath made with leftover branches and wire hangers
success, wouldn't you say?
and of course bows to adorn the ends of branches
and voila... the finished product
never mind that we need about twice as many lights--we underestimated

We love it! Even though this is technically our 5th Christmas together, it's special because it's the first that we've been married and had our own tree in our own place. Now we get to enjoy it for 17 more days until... Christmas break in Washington! So much to look forward to these days...

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