Saturday, February 7, 2009

once when we went home to washington for 26 glorious days

From December 17 through January 12, we loved every minute of being in our favorite place with our favorite people. While there, we

scraped snow off cars more times than we ever thought possible during a trip to the great pacific northwest
because there was SO much snow
in fact, more than either of us have ever experienced in Seattle area in our 25 years
we toasted to good grades, a semester well finished

celebrated this kiddo's 14th birthday (can't believe it)
and enjoyed the Seattle sights of Christmas
while riding the carousel
and loving to stay warm in the 15 degree weather

we prepared a handmade Christmas for a few
made music
wrapped a TON of gifts
and celebrated Christmas with the Alexanders
(it was a white Christmas--Jon's first)

and the Beutlers

we drove to eastern Washington twice to see this pretty lady
enjoy this breathtaking view
and laugh at all the abandoned cars in the blizzards that hounded the state
we celebrated new year's eve in style in downtown Seattle with fireworks
and a great view
sometimes we helped out at the barn (well, Jon did)
bucking 75 pound hay bales
(no wonder they look so proud)
played incessantly with Olivia, again
and relaxed
(it was vacation, after all)
we witnessed scary flooding when the rain wouldn't stop
but took advantage of the warmer weather anyway
with a ferry trip across the sound
(kidnapped mother and all)

to our very favorite restaurant in Coupeville on Whidbey Island
we celebrated 25 years of Jon's life with gifts
ice skating

more gifts

and a new camera
that takes really, really nice photos
and then we came back to our house to do this
and experience more of Utah's snow
and go back to school

Now we're ready for spring--bring on the rain and the warm weather!
After all, it's during these drawn out winter scenes when snow doesn't want to stop falling from the sky and the haze settles over the valley for weeks on end that we can't help but wish to be back in Washington, our favorite place on earth.

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  1. Fun post looks like you guys had an awesome time in Seattle! And Paisley is adorable! Hope all is well :0)