Sunday, April 12, 2009


We woke up Easter morning to find we had been visited by the Easter Bunny (actually, he was still there).
This was Meghan's basket that she woke up to, along with pink roses.
The loot, and the bunny himself (he came from Camano Island... probably where he lives the rest of the year)
We blew and dyed eggs (on our kitchen cart as a workstation) while watching a movie.
The creation process...
Meghan enjoying some of her treats...
The eggs we dyed. (Click the pictures to see nice large versions to best view the egg details!)
So, we got pink roses because they are supposed to symbolize thankfulness. Today was a good day to think of things we are most thankful for. We are very thankful for our each other, as well as our family and friends from whom we feel so much love and encouragement. Most of all, today we feel thankful for Jesus Christ and the Resurrection and His Atonement that bring us so much hope and gratitude. Happy Easter!


  1. I vote the purple one in front as Best Egg - that one really reminds me of a bruise once I had after a rugby game. They are all beautiful!