Saturday, May 16, 2009

farewell, our MINI friend

in the beginning... May 2008 when our MINI friend took us up windy canyon roads to go hiking

and then in early June 2008, our MINI friend helped us save lives up a still snowy Ephraim Canyon on our way to find a camping spot. it even sacrificed its front spoiler and some side paint from its off-road excursion through the rocky Utah woods
June 2008 our MINI friend took us on dates and to wedding receptions
July 2008 our MINI friend took us to Las Vegas, and on to California and back, and graciously let us sleep within its surprisingly spacious interior for a night
September 2008 our MINI friend took us up more windy roads in a different canyon to enjoy picnics and fall colors

November 2008 our MINI friend took us to snow levels above the valley to play with another twin MINI and a porsche 911

January 2009 our MINI friend let us pack it FULL of food after almost a month away
our MINI friend always looked good for us
the heart of our MINI friend: 1.6 litres of fury
our MINI friend's classic British racing green and white color combo and classy two-tone leather interior
April 2009 our MINI friend looks good for its sale photoshoot

once, our MINI friend even let us play in a deserted parking lot, since it was always up for a good time

and today, we said a sad farewell to our MINI friend when we sold it to a man named Sean who will drive it to work in Salt Lake City from his home in Lehi.

we miss you already, MINI friend! you were so good to us this past year and we thank you for all 13,496 miles you shared with us.

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