Friday, August 28, 2009

emory shawn beutler...

Sorry all, this post will be quick and jumbled because I am using a random hospital computer. but here are the first pictures of Emory! Born Wednesday August 26th, 2009 at 6:44pm Mountain Time. Okay, so this is the most recent picture of him as of this afternoon (Friday the 28th). He is beginning to look more normal and not so swollen and mis-shapen.
He was hooked up to a lot of machines to measure his vitals. Not so much anymore, he no longer has the jaundice lights or an IV. We are proud of his progress, just waiting to make sure he is stable.

Momma Meghan! 15 hours of labor without any pain medication!

Immediately after he was born!

Being weighed on the table right after birth.

Just after being weighed. The first picture was best, showing him now looking more normal!


  1. What a cutie :0) AND go Meghan... 15 hours with no meds!!

  2. What in the world! Meghan, I just saw you on Tuesday! This is awesome!

  3. Congratulations you two! He's adorable. I'm happy to see he's doing so well. I was pretty sure you weren't due till some time in Sep, so I'm guessing he's a bit early. It looks like all is well and I'm so happy for your cute little family!