Wednesday, September 30, 2009

when grandma/grams/mamie came to town

she can't decide which name suits her best, so we'll let Emory decide, but Grandma came to dote on the little guy, and dote she did

here he is on his 4-week birthday

we love this cashmere elf hat his other grandparents sent our way, and now it's so cold we need to use it!

Grandma encouraged playing on the floor

Paisley joined the fun

and she continues to come back day after day

Emory celebrated his 1-month birthday in style in his giraffe duds from his grandma and a photo shoot with his daddy

yep, they're my guys

they even yawn at the same time

then he decided to show us his many faces

again, he LOVES to use his hands

and appendages

then we attempted some family shots

the doting grandmother spent hours and hours smocking and embroidering a most special romper out of raw silk and singing all kinds of songs to the little guy--he loved it

not to mention she got up in the middle of the night with him to feed him and give us a break--it was wonderful

and she brought him so many outfits that fit or will soon fit (thanks to great garage sales!)

Emory wore his most special romper (and blanket I crocheted out of deliciously soft cotton) when he formally received his name and a blessing from his father in church on Sunday
though he didn't want to be photographed afterward; his thoughts were MILK

cousin Dan was among the visitors

good food and conversation were had

and Emory was much more peaceful for photos after eating
so photos we took...

I love the details of the shell buttons and crocheted button hooks

he stayed conked out when we moved him to the soft fuzzy blanket from Nanny

Paisley thinking, "mmm, sucky?"

he's such a little angel

he was still an angel, even when he'd had enough and probably wanted to eat again

it's tough to be a newborn, you know: eat, sleep, poop, be cute, etc., etc., etc.

Jon came home from school on Monday to find Emory wearing pants for the first time (they actually fit--sort of!) and was proud his son looked like "a real person"

oh, and we are pretty sure he grew about a pound and two inches during the week--what a weed!

he has been eating every hour and a half, after all

thanks for coming, Grandma/Grams/Mamie--we all love you and miss you!

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  1. I'm so glad to have found your blog! Your baby is adorable! I just want to kiss his little feet! It looks like you're doing really well. Congratulations!