Monday, October 26, 2009

things that made my 26th birthday perfect

waking up to this smiling face

and a surprise breakfast of German apple streusel pancake crisp, with pecans added by the culinary genius, Jon

cards from my lover and my boy

getting to play with this adorable, happy baby all day


and sun and fall colors galore

a dozen gorgeous red roses (tradition)

a pretty cat, though looks aren't everything

presents and pampering--being especially spoiled with a 90-minute massage

4 birthday cakes, courtesy of MINI's Cupcakes
the chocoholic

witnessing Emory's insistence on being a true Beutler
(this is not staged)

capturing our new favorite photo--makes his daddy proud

and finishing off the evening with a delicious dinner at Mazza--our favorite in Salt Lake City
a sweet sleeping boy

and cuddling on the carpet

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