Thursday, October 8, 2009

"uncle blake's" visit...

Recently our good friend Blake (aka Uncle Blake) came to visit us and Emory. We enjoyed a nice chilly fall like Friday in the mountains...

while Meghan fed Emory we went for a little hike to explore the views...

Blake managed to get himself stuck with a bur...

In this picture in the background you can see our blue car where Meghan was feeding Emory, the trail we took climbed rather fast!

Aspen trees changing color for fall...

Clearly, Emory enjoyed himself.

We played with Blake's fish-eye-ish camera lens; Paisley gladly posed for us.

Emory and Jon

typical uncle!

Good times!

Changing colors and the season's first snow fall.

Meghan and Emory

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  1. I feel so lucky to have made it into the blog, and with the best looking nephew ever. Thanks guys, it was a great weekend ;)

    p.s. we should have photographed the cupcakes!