Monday, November 2, 2009

halloween festivities, emory style

Emory loves loves loves Briana (while playing in their matching festive colors) and it's a good thing since she's here to spoil him this long weekend!

He sort of let us carve pumpkins... sometimes he likes to think that his life is really hard, but it's not. Everyone dotes on him.

Wouldn't you? Look at that face! And the new hat from his Auntie Rosanne makes him look like a pumpkin king.
Paisley sort of even joined in on the fun with her pharaoh costume that's on loan from Parça in New York (Parça has two, after all). As you can see, she thought it was awesome.
We had a zoo sort of theme going for pumpkin carving this year...
Briana's masterpiece koala face
the elephant
the giraffe
and the marine animals...

all to accompany our little animal!
(There are many, many photos that follow because 1. we couldn't stop laughing once we put the costume on him and 2. he's just too cute).

Hope yours was a Happy Halloween too!

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