Monday, December 7, 2009

top 21 events of thanksgiving vacation caught on camera

in no particular order...

1. Emory earning his wings on his first flight:

2. Aunt Kendal and Emory finally meeting! and bonding:

3. celebrating Kenny's birthday with dark chocolate covered pumpkin pie (after a most delicious dungeness crab feast):

4. playing an air hockey tournament (can't wait for Christmas!):

5. laughing so hard it hurt when we put Emory's new hat on him:

6. loving, loving, loving this house:

7. Emory learning to suck his thumb:

8. getting to know to the new color on Jon and Joy's pretty house (we love the shutters!):

9. playing with Nunu, Joy-Joy, and Nanny:

including laughing so hard when Emory tried on his Nunu's childhood red cowboy boots

10. loving the pudgy baby:

11. watching the countless ships and boats go by outside my mom's house:

12. playing with dogs:

13. feasting on Thanksgiving:

including using a mortar and pestle to grind spices
and roasting a gorgeous turkey!

14. Emory turning 3 months old on his first Thanksgiving (and looking so handsome in his duds):

15. taking pictures in the gorgeous yard:

16. walking around La Conner with Jon, Joy, Nanny, and Emory in the baby bjorn with his dad:

17. capturing a great shot of Emory with his "Ama" and getting his favorite brick wall in the background:

18. Emory spending time with aunts Amber and Kendal:

20: taking a bath in the kitchen sink:

21: acquiring new portraits (unannounced):

other events worthy of mention:

gathering in Georgetown with Jessalin and Jonas for a fabulous pizza dinner

Emory meeting his great aunt Kelli, great uncles Doug and John, and second cousins Heather and Jocelyn

Emory getting spoiled by love and more love and a new wardrobe for his growing body

Nanny holding Emory for countless hours of naps

the biggest diaper blowout of Emory's life, resulting in clothes in the bath

and the number one, most important, most appreciated event of all: Emory solidifying sleeping through the night, every night. (knock on wood.)

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