Monday, January 25, 2010

"remember when your blog was all about food?"

Blake visited last week. And he reminded us that our blog used to be about more than just Emory... but even though Emory is one of the main reasons we keep blogging, we can still share more than him, right? So here it is, mostly for Blake. And for the food we love.

We felt inspired by amazing spicy spaghetti my aunt Kelli made while we visited over Christmas. So we bought some hot italian pork sausage and worked some magic with it. The sauce tasted phenomenal, though it did a number on the sensitive Beutler boy stomachs in the family. We'll have it again, but not often, that's for sure.

Jon and Joy got us a pasta making attachment for our kitchen-aid mixer for Christmas. Just imagine our excitement when we got it in the mail last week! So, we deviated from the week's menu a little and made fresh spinach fusilli with sauteed mushrooms and garlic and garnished with fresh parsley and parmesan. It was good. Oh, and I should add that I sauteed the mushrooms Julia Child style, using one of my other Christmas gifts: Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

And in case you were wondering, this is what the little man does while we cook. He loves it.


  1. Hi Sweetie. I'm glad you were inspired by my spaghetti sauce. I wonder if it would work better for the Buetler boys if you didn't use spicy Italian sausage. That's what I started with, but now I just buy plain ground pork and season it with garlic, fennel, and red pepper flakes. I wonder if there are other additives in sausage? Did it bother their tummies when they had it here? I hope not!

  2. Enjoy the time with Emory doing that while you cook. Soon enough, he'll be in the kitchen with you, pulling pots and pans out of the cupboards, wailing on your feet with a spatula, trying to pull knives out of the dishwasher, and layering the floor with tin-foil and garbage bags.

    I ONLY cook Italian food (especially spaghetti) with hot Italian sausage. Ground beef in Italian food is a sin.