Friday, January 22, 2010

we still love Christmas, (almost) a month later

Have we mentioned how much we love having both of our families live so close to each other? If not, we really, really love it. This closeness allowed us to spend Christmas eve and Christmas morning with Honey-ma, Kendal and Amber. Oh, and we should also mention that Christmas with a kid is even better than Christmas without one.

notice the matching pajama pants made by none other than Honey-ma herself?
the gorgeous tree and stockings and gifts all wrapped with care on Christmas morning at 4600 Baker Drive
it was a gorgeous morning overlooking Puget Sound

Emory LOVING his new toy soldier (also made by Honey-ma)
it's still his favorite possession to date
he got so tired that he fell asleep with his stocking gifts on top of him

Then we headed to Camano Island for the festivities with Jon, Joy, Jessalin, and Jonas. Emory spent gift-unwrapping time loving all the colors and sounds of wrapping paper and bows.

prime rib, roasted root vegetables, new potatoes, green beans with slivered almonds, salad, and a vegan lentil dish were on the dinner menu
plus a fabulous dark chocolate torte made by Honey-ma for dessert
morning after Christmas casualties

Now we can't wait for Christmas next year. Doesn't that always happen? There's so much anticipation and then it's all over... at least we're still celebrating by posting photos almost a month later! (And getting our gifts shipped to us this week--thanks again, Jon and Joy).

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