Monday, February 15, 2010

and so we flew again

And we decided that we're happy to not have plans to fly again for a while. We loved seeing our families and being in Washington again though. Bonus trip, though it wasn't a vacation... we moved my mom and attended my grandpa's funeral, and we feel grateful to have been there for such events.

Emory was extremely spoiled again... he started off with the adoring "Honey-ma" and aunties Kendal and Amber giving him all sorts of attention. And he was even more spoiled when he got to spend a couple days with the Beutlers while we packed non-stop.
Our time there wasn't all work and no play.

we watched Amber score big time at her basketball game:

Emory slept in many places, and not so well this trip:

and he played and watched tv:

and Amber get more beautiful every time we see them:
(and they took care of Emory extremely well for us while we busied ourselves around the house)

Emory loved his baths in the tub with plenty of kicking space:

we rocked some awesome morning hair:

soaked in every minute we could find of watching out the windows on Baker Drive before the move:
ships, tugboats,
ferries passing each other,
port of Everett,
and something we thought was a submarine until we looked at it through the big camera lens and found a barge with a tugboat and a sailboat in the background,
and an extremely low tide with birds galore

I got to see Maren after about 8 years; Emory practiced his major boo-boo lip on her when he realized she wasn't me:

we refinished a table:

and we said goodbye once and for all to 4600 Baker Drive:

We're finally back into the swing of things here in Utah. Jon had much catching up to do after missing a week of school, and Emory and I caught up on missed sleep. That's the beauty of being a mother of a still young, first child, right?

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