Wednesday, February 17, 2010

love love love

The night before Valentine's Day, I planned a fancy feast for us to eat by romantic candlelight. Included were some of Jon's favorite foods,
and thanks to Julia Child and Mastering the Art of French Cooking, the food tasted fabulous. And quite gourmet.

This salad, though not Julia's, is most likely our favorite we've had. The prosciutto, pear and manchego couldn't be better together, except by the shallot, sherry vinegar, dijon,
and tarragon vinaigrette that adorns the top.
We seared the filets in butter and olive oil and let them cook to medium perfection. Once out of the pan, we deglazed the juices and swirled in butter for even more flavor to accompany the meat.
The Brussels sprouts received a preliminary blanching and cooling and later braised in butter in the oven to finish off the process. And shallots accompanied the
browned and beautiful mushrooms in the saute pan. All flavors complimented each other perfectly.
The chocolate almond cake included pulverized almonds inside the batter and on top of the extremely dark frosting. The texture of this cake is so moist and dense,
it's incredible. Its true name is "Queen of Sheeba." Thank you Julia, thank you.
We took a cheesy photo of the two of us as well, and it's not the best, but the only one we have of us from that night. Other than the fussy-supposed-to-be-asleep baby,
the entire 3-ish hour long process was so enjoyable and most memorable. Here's to lovers!

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  1. WOW! Your dinner looks amazing! When we get together we should do some cooking :0) Glad you had such a nice evening.