Sunday, February 28, 2010

time flies

This kid turned 6 months old on Friday.
We can't believe it's been that long since he surprised us with his early birth, but at the same time, he grows and develops so fast that it's really only possible that 6 months have passed. In his current stage, he changes every day, and time seems to move faster as the weeks turn to weekends and then into weeks again. The infant in Emory fades more all the time as he becomes more of a baby. Thankfully, with this new era of life, he brings even more joy into our lives.

This week, he has FINALLY mastered the rollover, and decided that it's actually fun to play on his belly. This is big news for Emory, who would face plant and throw fits for the 5 .75 previous months.
He's also discovered he loves his stuffed animals, particularly this monkey from his great aunt Kelli. We'll go in to his room to make sure he's warm enough and the monkey will be nestled into Emory's arm, still wet from kisses.
Sophie is is best friend. He spends all day attacking her.
He loves to grab our faces, and with each day, he gets more affectionate. In the past few days, he loves hugs, and has started squeezing us back, and rubbing his head on our faces then settling into our necks. Sometimes he even has sweet words to accompany the loves. Rough pinches happen too, most likely because he's big into texture lately. Moving his chubby little fingers fast over everything, he feels and explores. We'll work on being more gentle though.
He thinks being in bed with us for late morning snoozes or afternoon naps is pretty much the greatest thing ever, especially if he's placed between us... he'll spend all his time looking at one of us and then the other, kicking his legs and squealing with delight until he decides it's time to eat again and falls asleep.
We can't get enough of his expressions and personality. Emory is stubborn and impatient, but also so sweet, charismatic, brilliant, and fun. And he loves to chew on everything.
The ipod touch is the new toy of choice.
And to prove his chub, Emory let us have a photo shoot to celebrate his 6 months of life. We'll have to share more from that later, but for now, enjoy his rolls and dimples!

We love this kid.


  1. Time DOES fly! And what a CUTIE :0)

  2. I can't believe he is six months old already. He gets cuter every day! I miss all of you!
    Aunt Kelli