Tuesday, March 30, 2010

how we spent emory's 7-month birthday

We started the day out loving Emory's giggles at car noises. He loves to play, especially with his daddy.

But then nap time came and an exhausted Emory spent his time screaming over being left alone in his crib. He probably included complaints about his teeth that still haven't made their appearance above the gums. Notice how he's biting his tongue.
We tried and tried to get the kid to nap, but as soon as we walked away, he'd do this again:
until I couldn't take it any more and gave in and got him up.
Smug little stinker.
We decided a drive would be the cure and since the skies dumped snow on the mountains, we got to try out the all wheel drive in the Subaru.

It was fun, in case you were wondering.

All good roads follow rivers, right?
And all good snow cars look purposeful after a day of play.

On the way out of the canyon we saw this:
Just look at them all!
And then Emory ended the day with his new friend, the toothbrush. It kept him occupied and satisfied for a good while.

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