Wednesday, March 17, 2010

southern utah is just so photogenic

This is a photo-overload, folks. We just love southern Utah. So when Jon and Joy decided to come visit for spring break, we suggested a road trip to the better half of the state. Oh the beauty, even with snow.
Though we didn't recreate our trip from last fall, we did revisit some of our favorite spots:

Bryce Canyon National Park
Kodachrome Basin State Park
and somewhere new for us, Zion National Park.
Let's just say that places don't get named national parks for nothing. If only we could actually capture what we saw with our eyes through the camera lens...
We stayed at Ruby's Inn just outside Bryce Canyon, and Emory got to go swimming for the first time. He wasn't too sure what to think, but soon he'll take swimming lessons at Westminster and love it. He's a little fish in the bathtub so we just have to get him used to cooler water.
Bryce Canyon

the little man was such a good traveler, despite 6-month shots

these two followed us from view point to view point (at least we think they did because 2 ravens met us begging for food everywhere we stopped), but don't tell anyone that we fed national park wildlife chip crumbs

Jon Sr. entertained us all (and himself) by trying several times from different locations to make a colossal snowball by rolling snow down the hill. It didn't quite work, but we loved the effort!

Kodachrome Basin State Park (we really want to go camping there this summer)
it was about 20-30 degrees warmer down in the basin

hotel room play

When we left Bryce Canyon Thursday morning, we drove through a blizzard out of Red Canyon onto Highway 89 towards Zion.
Emory food break activities:
Zion National Park
the stone dyed our fingers red

the layers of stone are incredible
and the patterns unbelievable
we entered a tunnel on the road and saw this through windows

the tunnel is cut through this rock

Kolob Canyon, on the other side of Zion

Thanks Jon and Joy for enjoying this with us! Every time we go to southern Utah, we just want to go back again. We'll have to take full advantage of our time left here this summer! Thankfully we have a Subaru for good weekend camping trips.

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