Tuesday, April 27, 2010

eight months

The little man is now 8 whopping months old. Can't believe how time flies... seriously! We have been so busy lately with Jon finishing his semester and us preparing and packing to move but through it all, Emory, even while teething, remains a good sport and humbles us continually. We adore the kid!

just look at this face
little e loves to eat. loves it. here he is demolishing a teething biscuit
a sequence of losing the crumbling teething biscuit to receiving a slice of lemon in return:
he gets excited when we put his bib on him and smooths it out before the grub comes
(convinced that's a Beutler trait)

and even loves salt and vinegar chips
Emory adores roughhousing with his dad

and being outside--he thinks he's deprived if we don't go on a good walk every day
he's extremely entertained by his toes these days
and such a little ham every time the camera comes out (it's getting difficult to get good candid shots)
Emory loves to give love--he grabs our faces and kisses us, and nuzzles into our cheeks

e man and Paisley are usually both entertained by water during bath time
still teething
and loves his tongue
isn't he so adorable?

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  1. just wait until he starts demanding that you take him to the park TWICE a day