Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I feel like it's been a long time, though really it's only been about a week. We have been B-U-S-Y, but mostly with good things. My family came to town last week, and we loved having them here to spoil Emory rotten, with his great grandma holding him for hours upon hours of naps and people to love him and entertain him at every turn (yeah, he's still adjusting). Jon sold one car, just in time to buy another. It's also his last couple weeks of school right now, so he has about a bajillion pages left to write, and many little tasks to check off his to-do list before it's all over--until it starts again a couple weeks later. We packed last weekend full of the Ferrari challenge race, shopping, attending a baby blessing in Provo and seeing friends at the same time, and 2nd Sunday dinner with the Miller's. (It's no wonder I fell asleep during the movie we tried to watch Sunday night, right?) And we've already filled this week with a roommate reunion lunch here with Cris, Jessica (who as of today is a missionary), and Emily; a research paper start to finish; and house hunting for back-up plans, in case we have to move somewhere else in the next couple months. Thankfully, our friend Rachel is as always, fabulous, and she came over Monday, gave us house/ landlord advice, and entertained Emory while I cleaned the house. (Lucky duck got to go with her on a walk to the Garden Park building and see ducks and fountains.) Alas, we have now a (formally really) clean house, and tons of blogging catch-up to do.

For the moment, please enjoy these photos of Emory in the leg warmers I made him. We really think he's the best. And there's one of Paisley too.

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