Monday, May 10, 2010

from wilson to elizabeth

It's an understatement to say that we did not want to move. We loved our house on Wilson Ave, with Westminster at the end of the street, tons and tons of natural light, space, and a huge yard with fruit trees. We committed to the place, and we wanted to stay until we move from Utah. I dealt with the move worse than most people would--I get so attached and sentimental, and we had to leave so quickly that it left me feeling depressed for days. But, I wanted to make sure to enjoy every last second I could in the place we really made our home. It's really only now, a couple weeks later that I'm able to look through photos and feel settled about it all--I think it's even a little therapeutic for me.

Our second to last Sunday there, we had a family BBQ/ picnic in the backyard. Emory absorbed wind and observed trees, and Jon and I feasted on marinated and grilled artichokes and homemade burgers.

Paisley watched, disgusted, from the window. But to our credit, we tried to bring her outside for the occasion, and she scratched me in return.

Emory spent time his last week there loving the rain storm out the huge windows and back door.

Paisley too.
We finally got to a point of really liking the way we decorated the house (mostly after my mom came and arranged the mantle, shelves, and china cabinet for us, so I insisted on photos of the comfortable living space we enjoyed for so long. Though somehow, a photo of how the shelves were arranged got forgotten...

Oh, and Emory's room--my favorite in the house. I spent so much time in that empty room when I was pregnant, wanting to decorate it, but not having the money or energy to do so. Then with loving help from family and friends, we made his little room into such a sanctuary, and I loved it. I'm not going to lie--I cried hard when I packed it up and then again when I saw it empty.

don't mind the extremely wrinkly bedding (we were about to move, after all)

Today, we finally received our signed settlement of agreement from our previous landlady, and for me, the moment felt cathartic. I still miss our house on Wilson, mostly because we created such fond memories there, including getting our first pet and bringing our first baby home. But, I am so grateful to be freed of the stress placed on us by our landlady's manipulation and threatening.

Plus, this is the view from our new place.
And after long hours of some of the hardest work we have ever done, it's unpacked and rather homey. We're happy to be here.

Before and after tours to come.

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