Sunday, June 6, 2010

it's hot.

Do any other bloggers notice how hard it is to get back in the swing of things after vacation? Even though we've been home for almost a week, I feel like I'm still catching up around the house, doing a TON of laundry (added to enormously by Emory's 2-5 outfits per day lately), and of course enjoying time with Jon and the little man and Amber who came to stay with us for a little while.

Anyway, it's HOT. So hot. And thanks to the lame landlady we left, we no longer have central air, which for some wouldn't be the end of the world, but for me, it's a big deal. I'm from the pacific northwest... and I'm pretty sure my comfort zone is somewhere between 65 to 73 degrees farenheit. So, the 90-something it was today nearly killed me, of course, though Jon would argue that. I'm pretty sure Emory has my tendency towards disliking heat since he will no longer sleep in the car and he gets so hot and cranky about it all, boycotting naps and everything. Thankfully Amber was on my side too, and Jon came up with a great solution that involves a squirt bottle and cold water. Emory looooved it.

Our kid is so cute, and eats everything in sight these days. We shared our breakfast for Sunday dinner tradition with Amber tonight (what were we thinking cooking in this heat? seriously?) and Emory ate about the equivalent of half a belgian waffle with such toppings as homemade whipped cream, real maple syrup, strawberries, nectarines, peanut butter, and about half a veggie sausage on the side. Oh, and a ton of soy milk. This is all good though, since his doctor told us to feed him anything fattening possible to help his weight gain. Afterward, little e took a barely warm tub, and we experimented with his hair that's getting so long and thick.

Prepare to see adorable photos of our child this week. I think we're a little obsessed.

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  1. I grew up here and still dislike when the heat comes...especially years like this one where Spring hides, show its face for two days and then hands the show over to Summer!

    I'm excited to hear about your trip AND to see more cute pictures of Emory :0)