Monday, July 26, 2010

1 month away from a whole year old

I swear I just sat down to write about Emory at 10 months, and I'm discovering more that it's no cliche that time flies even faster after the birth of a first child. Makes me wonder what it will be like after more children. Sheesh!

The crazy thing is how much this kid has changed in the past month. Highlights include:

*spoke his first words: "Mama" (with real meaning), "Dada" (with meaning for multiple things), "Ambuh" or Amber (which to Kendal's great dismay, he calls her as well), "more," "hi," and possibly something that resembles "done"
*finally has interest in becoming mobile! he rolls all over the place now, and scoots backwards on his belly; loves to stand and hold onto the back of the couch, the couch cushions, and the ottoman; and gets the biggest kick out of walking between us while holding our hands
*developed serious sleeping issues while we visited Washington, and has only slept through the night once in the past more than 2 weeks
*dances, and more specifically shrugs his shoulders to the beat--hilarious
*has decided to refuse most food at first, second, third, and sometimes 19th offerings, though this may have to do with a declined appetite from a nasty virus and teething (let's hope)

He's the best.

also, please note the hands in these photos--they are constantly moving--he's just building up especially strong wrist muscles for tennis

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  1. Every time I have gone from NY to WA it has always messed up my son's sleeping pattern, so I can totally relate!