Tuesday, July 27, 2010


But first, Emory loves to suck on his ladybug toy's rope--yes, we are awesome for letting him do this and watch him closely so he doesn't swallow it and choke. How could you easily say no to this face?

I thought for a while that the little man needed a carpeted house to figure out how to crawl, but apparently, he just needed more people to encourage him to move around. The best part of it all is how pleased he felt with himself for figuring it all out and rolling to get under the couch and then scooting backwards as far as possible.

The other best part is when he decided to "scare" Nanny over and over, especially when his antics brought him the reactions he desired.

Also completely entertaining, was seeing how very hard he worked at it, until frustrated, red-faced, and exhausted, he looked to Amber to save him from his predicament.

The very best news of this week is that after not moving around once we got home (most likely due to him feeling awful and sick), Emory has now mastered his roll and backwards scoot at home too. Consequently, I've figured out that I need to vacuum way more often.

The Eman is so worth it though, especially after worrying that he would never care to move. I try my hardest to not be a paranoid parent, but I have to admit that it's not easy to see younger babies become mobile well before Emory showed any interest. I've had moments of wondering if there is something wrong with him, since all he wanted to do for months was sit and play, and it certainly didn't help my concern when his doctor (at the 9-month appointment, mind you) said that Emory seemed a little behind in terms of his large motor skills. Despite knowing that every child develops at a different speed, I have still worried, wondered, and prayed about what to do, as silly as that may sound. Ultimately, I think I've learned that Emory just needed more time to be motivated, that it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with him being slow to learn in one way or another, and that he's more like me than I'd like to admit--he has to do things on his own terms, without being told. (See why life in the MTC was hard for me?) Plus, the little smarty-pants started talking at 10 months. Take that, crawling!

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  1. Go Emory!--- what is it about babies deciding to reach milestones on vacation? :0)