Monday, August 2, 2010

company for dinner

Yesterday we had two sets of friends over for dinner at the same time... 4.25 (for baby Maddie) extra people in our hot tiny house. People we really enjoy and definitely don't see often enough, Neal, Shelley, and Madison, and Jeff and Kim. And it was so fun, sharing breakfast for dinner with all of them. We even have a new trip to southern Utah planned for Labor Day weekend with all these friends. Belgian waffles don't disappoint.

But let's face it, the evening was mostly an Emory/ Madison showcase. Emory hammed it up big time for the camera, obviously eager to teach Maddie how it's done.

Isn't it great to be a kid, eating with the big people, in just a diaper with waffles, peaches, strawberries, and blueberries all smudged together with whipped cream? I swear even after his bath last night, he smelled like whipped cream. Mmmhmm.

He also put on a great show with his fork, especially after he poked his cheek. Please note that the whiny/ crying face he pulls off these days after such "incidents" is merely for effect.

Madison is so cute and sweet and tiny. She seems so small to us, but really she's way bigger than the Eman was at that age. Just right and already chubby at almost 3 months.

Love her little smirky smile!

Love good food, love Sundays, love good friends.

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  1. Meghan!! That was so fun! We should do it again--SOON!!! Thanks again for the Yummy waffles!!