Wednesday, October 27, 2010


months, that is. (yesterday, anyway). right now I feel like I can't keep up with life, it's passing by so quickly. because wasn't it just June, my baby was 9 months old, and it was hot outside? and with time comes change. and for Emory, all good change. (well, mostly.)

Emory currently:
-says "oooooh" constantly, especially when excited about something he sees (view photo above)
-has 8 teeth, and I think more are coming from all the drooling and fussing we've had around here for the past week
-could eat grapes all day
-walks around holding only one adult hand; cruises all over the house using walls, furniture, our legs, the drying rack, etc.; pulls himself up onto everything (yeah, he's a late bloomer, but at least he's been crawling like he was born to for the past month or so)
-spends his mealtimes extremely opinionated, making life a little more difficult these days
-empties the bookshelf[ves] at least once per day
-reads all day, is obsessed with Llama, Llama Red Pajama and Tails (seriously, we could read these two books 10 times a day and he would still beg for more)
-becomes really angry at his books when he can't turn the pages fast enough
-yells "Daaaad, Dadyyy" in the morning when he wakes up (he knows who will come and feed him breakfast)
-waves hi and goodbye and blows kisses (i.e. two of the cutest gestures ever from him)
-loves teeth

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