Friday, October 15, 2010

savor the state: national park tour fall 2010 day 1

Upon experiencing southern Utah and Scenic Byway 12 for the first time last year, we decided we would return this year. After all, it was the lower half of the state that made us finally appreciate Utah. So, we ventured back to our favorite drive, a week earlier this time, hoping to see more aspens on fire than we did after a wind storm last year.

We drove the byway opposite of how we did before, starting in Torrey at Capitol Reef National Park.

we somehow missed these 1000 year old pictographs last year

perfect timing: sunset after thunderstorms

not perfect timing: the scenic drive was closed due to all the flash floods in the park, but on the bright side, the water ran bright red from the rock and sand in the region

I wish I could say we could take this trip every fall... it's been such a fun tradition these past 2 years.

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