Monday, October 4, 2010

this was the weekend

This weekend we spent our days watching General Conference, relaxing, napping, playing with our kid (he's really, really cute these days), and anticipating the arrival of fall weather. The time was mostly wonderful, minus Emory and me being a little under the weather. But as a plus, we found tickets at the last minute to go see the conference in person on Saturday afternoon, and by absolute miracles, within an hour and a half, we showered, dressed, found people to watch Emory, claimed the tickets, dropped off our child, found somewhat legal parking, sprinted to our line, and made it to our seats in time for the invocation. So maybe it was a stressful hour and a half, but we made it, and got to check 2 things off our list for Savor the State that day, the second being eating at Tony Caputo's. And by absolute miracle, my worst sicky day left me feeling good enough to participate in those crazy couple of hours.

And then yesterday, after spending all day indoors, we decided to take a fall drive up a canyon. Our plans came to a halt when we dropped our brake pad at the intersection of 1300 E and 400 S. (To our credit, we've been in the process of fixing the blasted brakes for like 2 weeks now. Things out of our control keep stalling the completion of the repair). So after some moaning and groaning, we turned around, headed home, and walked up to the university campus in an almost dust storm before the rainstorm. And we took photos, sickies and stuffy noses included.

he looks too cute in these pants

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  1. Hey! Love the blog, and your little Emory is quite the looker!!! :) SO happy for you guys- and happy to know about your blog now! :)