Friday, November 12, 2010

so grateful, so happy...

...that we got to attend this wedding last weekend.

Caryn is one of my longest friends, and our friendship has withstood years, despite distance and not seeing each other often. The bummer is that now that Jon, Emory, and I are moving back to the Seattle area soon, she'll be leaving to follow her new husband's job placement, but that just gives us even more reason to travel to San Fransisco to visit. Aren't they a beautiful, happy couple?

The ceremony and reception were both lovely, and the details classic and elegant.

Because of the late night affair, Jon and I (thanks to my eager-to-watch-Emory family) made a real date of it and spent the night at the Marriott Waterfront Seattle. We woke up to this view:

And enjoyed a fabulous breakfast while watching ferries and fishing boats come and go. Ahhh, the life. We lived it up a bit, but counted it as finally celebrating our second anniversary, since we moved right after the actual date and never had the chance in April.

We're definitely grateful for the help with Emory and the occasion to spoil ourselves a little, even if we came home to a little man who despite being surrounded by some of his biggest fans, wouldn't look me in the eye for at least 30 minutes. Silly stinker.


  1. Looks like a beautiful wedding... and how fun that you got to do a little getaway too. Love those! And love family who make them possible :0)

  2. Aww, they look so happy :-) Looks like a beautiful wedding!