Monday, November 22, 2010

sometimes i make cake

For instance, this weekend, I made not one but two (count them: 1, 2) cakes in two days. Friday was our dear friend Rachel's birthday, so she and Lee came for dinner... and lemon cake. We're going to miss these wonderful people so much when we leave in a few weeks, so for now, we have to soak up all the time we can with them. And I have to say the lemon cake turned out fabulous... full of good zest and juice and topped with fresh vanilla bean whipped cream. Mmmm.

We rounded off the night with Emory helping Rachel open her gift. He handed her one minuscule piece of wrapping after the other, for an extra long, extra enjoyable process.

Then Saturday after we shared lemon cake leftovers with another dear friend, Cristina, we decided to spread the wealth a little more and make a decadent chocolate cake, topped with fresh chocolate whipped cream frosting. In other words, heaven. In fact, I need to go eat a piece right now so Jon doesn't finish it off when I'm gone this afternoon.

But before I indulge myself, I have to remind you all about my giveaway that ends tonight. One lucky winner will receive a $35 gift code to use for whatever they'd like... like cake pans... or Christmas. So go and enter! I'll announce the winner tomorrow. Until then, happy Monday and a most happy Thanksgiving week!

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