Wednesday, December 1, 2010

happy december

December means that we're moving in a very short two weeks and two days. So it also means packing has begun. Place my fears aside (maybe they're still left over from our move last spring), but Emory really enjoyed the packing of the living room. He climbed on and off the boxes to his little heart's content. I just hope his good attitude about it all remains through the packing of the rest of the house, though I'm so grateful for gracious family and friends who will be helping us. I'm also so grateful that we have movers coming. I can't begin to explain the glory of not having to drive a huge rear wheel drive truck across the Blue Mountains, down Cabbage Hill, and eventually across Snoqualmie Pass. Also, Jon and I decided to do about 93% of our Christmas shopping online this year. Best. Decision. Ever. Cheers to December! Cheers to packing! Cheers to Christmas!

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