Wednesday, January 12, 2011

we interrupt these messages

the song of the day messages, that is, to talk about Emory's hair.

We took these photos post-nap last week, to show the glory of the one and only curl Emory has ever experienced in his life. Unfortunately, most of the time, the back of his hair literally looks like a rat's nest, and conditioner hasn't been helping much. Plus, his bangs were actually starting to hang in his eyes, and when he would maneuver a certain way, he'd have the Bieber look going, and we're just not cool with our kid looking like Justin Bieber at such a young age. Or any age, for that matter.

So tonight, we took him to get a real haircut, in the chair and all. Originally, we had made appointments with a barber... Jon needed a cut too, and we figured that a father/son barber outing would turn out well. Until we showed up too late and landed at Wal-Mart instead. I had serious doubts about the endeavor, but thankfully, the stylist was willing to work with us well, and handled Emory's cut and my particular opinions well.

And so we give you Emory's haircut, in sequence.

(We took our small, outdated point and shoot, and under the florescent lights, the photos didn't turn out well, but you get the idea).

As you can see, Emory was thrilled to help comb his hair, and I came armed with mini m&ms to distract. The result: a pretty happy little man with a colorful mouth until she got to the part around his ears and tried the clippers. He was pretty much done after that. It's still long, but definitely cleaner looking, and hopefully much easier to manage now. I guess we'll see what tomorrow morning has in store when he wakes up.

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  1. Umm, we are very jealous of his LONG HAIR!!! What are your secrets? Do you think if we rubbed Maddie's head and Emory's head maybe magic would happen and she would have hair?