Monday, January 10, 2011

what's a birthday without a cake

A dark chocolate cake with layers of dark chocolate and chocolate cream, topped with chocolate cream and roasted hazelnuts.

Only the best for my love's 27th birthday.

We celebrated Saturday, just the two of us, by shopping several thrift stores between Camano Island and north onto Whidbey Island, including our favorite store we found the day after we were married. Then yesterday we celebrated with family and a delicious dinner of seafood chowder and sourdough, thanks to my mom, the outstanding chef. I'm so glad Jon was born because I really love him, and that he's my age again.

And this morning, we were unfortunately still in a food coma when Jon mentioned his song of the day because now neither one of us remember it. (For the record, I don't even remember being told at all, but I'm told I said, "niiiice," when I heard the title). Apparently, it was an obscure song because Jon hasn't found it on repeat all day. Song of the day today = fail. Check back tomorrow.

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