Friday, March 18, 2011

first sentence

Emory made Jon (and me, of course), more than beam with pride yesterday when he busted out his first sentence. You see, the little man really doesn't talk much, and when he does, his words are usually abbreviated ("daa" for dad, "ber" sometimes "ber-bah" for Amber, "deh" for dog, "duh" for done, "buh" for book, and "beh" for just about everything else); you get the idea. So imagine my surprise yesterday as I was trying to keep Emory's cranky self happy while we spent time at the dealership when he came up with this: "gcaaah go bdzommm." Translation: car go zoom. I had been trying to get him to say "car" instead of "beh" and he took it to the next level, above and beyond my imagination. That's right, our little boy said his first words at our car dealership while playing with his Maserati quattroporte and Porsche 911 (996). He has since repeated the sentence a couple times, just so I know it was real. Jon couldn't be more thrilled with his child. During proud moments of being a mother, I forget all about the woes of toddlerhood. (More on that subject later).

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