Monday, April 4, 2011


It's such a rare occasion when Emory falls asleep on me these days. I'm so glad that I spend his infancy holding him through naps, soaking up every minute of one-child bliss with a sweet cuddly baby. Now that he's so busy, it's hard for him to take the time to slow down and snuggle. However, last night after we put the little man to bed, I heard him still talking (which is rare) and went in to find him chattering about the ferrari poster on the wall. So I picked him up and rocked him and sang to him and he actually fell asleep in my arms, and then with a little bit of sadness, laid him back down in his crib, asleep. The photo above is from a couple weeks ago during one of the 5 or so times he's fallen asleep in my arms in the past 7 months. No matter what kind of toddlerhood day we've had, I still feel like Emory is a baby when he sleeps. Those quiet moments when I feel his weight on me and hear his breathing (and sometimes snoring) are so precious.

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