Monday, June 13, 2011

we woke up to rain today

I woke up cold this morning. We didn't make our bed with our summer quilt last night because we fell into bed so exhausted that we didn't want to wait for the dryer cycle to complete. So we slept with a couple throw quilts, which was mostly okay except that even my feet hung out the end from time to time and Paisley thinks that's great for clawing and biting toes. Needless to say cold and still tired from the fun weekend, I really wanted to just stay in bed. The dogs, barking and howling announced that Gene, our builder (did we mention we're building a house on the lower acreage of Jon's parents' property?) had arrived to start work for the day. That woke Emory up and he's been sleep deprived for the past 4 days or so; I can tell he's a peach this morning. I confess I've heard him for about 15 minutes now and haven't even gone to his rescue. I also confess that on a day like today, I think I'll give in and let him watch Cars. He's had a several-day break, after all, and it is raining. But I made him take a break due to the image in these photos: obsession.
Happy Monday.

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