Sunday, September 7, 2008

a love affair to remember

I've recently read about our good friend and photographer Stephen Nielson's brother Christian and his wife Stephanie's terrible plane crash from which they are now recovering. Read more about it here: I have never met this sibling of Steve's, but I've now read some of Stephanie's blog, and she has become an inspiration to me even since her accident. It seems that now as the internet is coming together for their support during the start of a long recovery that I'm not the only one she has touched. Anyway, Nie is wonderful because she is a beautiful person, and now with burns covering 80% of her body, she will still be beautiful and inspirational to so many people.

Part of my reason for the title I chose for this post is that Jon and I just finished watching this most wonderful film that I have loved my whole life but haven't seen for years. And Jon had never seen it until tonight. Another part of my reason is that we are working on our own love affair to remember forever. And also because Stephanie and Christian are so in love and are in need of prayers and support as they recover to
go home to their four young children.

If you've never seen An Affair to Remember, I highly suggest it. It's unpredictable and beautiful and every scene is shot with colors to make Deborah Kerr look her absolute best. And it reminds me that sometimes I wish I were born in a different d
ecade in which things were so feminine and lovely.

We've watched so many movies this past more than a week with my surgery and now Jon being sick, but this one sticks with me. Because I've thought about the Nielsons' situation so much recently, it's really made me want to stop complaining so much. And the movie reaffirmed that goal. Though I know I won't be perfect in this ever, I want to improve, to
look at the world and realize there is so much more going on without the walls of my own selfishness to become more optimistic, more patient, more open, and more kind. I'm going to work on it.

For now, please enjoy a photo of our dear sleeping beauty who is somehow ill and needs to recover for class tomorrow.

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