Wednesday, October 15, 2008

is this what your october 12 looked like?

We woke up to Blake pounding on the door to come to church with us, and a beautiful snow storm. The two inches or so lasted through church but they were pretty much melted when we got home. Here's to an early winter! Though we love fall and it's not over yet (it's back this week with temperatures in the 60s), it was fun to wear coats and scarves for a couple days. Oh, and even though it's kind of warm again, the warmth only lasts for about 2 hours. We do love this time of year.

Please take note of the leaves still on the trees, thanks to the still hot weather of last week. Oh Utah, how we love thee.


  1. Oh, how pretty. I can't wait for the winter. . . Our October 12 was pretty warm actually. We had a cold period a few weeks ago but it went up to about 21 on Sunday.

  2. honestly... who wouldn't want to wake up to me pounding on the door, and then have fall asleep on their couch?