Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ferrari boys ( like father, like son)

It's no secret that Jon loves ferraris. Last year for his birthday (it's been 11 months since) I ordered him a pair of ferrari pumas. He had been wanting the shoes for so long but they're really hard to find in size 13. Go figure. So when I found them online for his birthday we were both thrilled and waited and waited and waited for their arrival. And they never came.

Until a couple weeks ago. Jon somehow got a random email from an affiliated website and Jon complained, they promised him his shoes. He loves them, and can't wait to go to the the non-snowy, non-salted western Washington to wear them.

and as an apology, the company sent along some after shave

Jon's family, for Father's Day went all out with ferrari gifts for Emory, and much to Jon's delight, most of his snazzy duds fit him now. The mini ferrari pumas are our favorite... our little man sports them well.

we had to get a shot of his cute bum in his lucky jeans. Nanny spoils this boy!
It's pretty convenient that the colors of his ferrari wardrobe match the festive season. Needless to say, Emory has been wearing a lot of ferrari gear lately.

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