Friday, December 11, 2009

l'arbre de noel

Jon and I are Christmas tree snobs. Or, you could just say we're extremely particular when it comes to our house smelling like Christmas from a fresh tree with upward-pointing needles--nobles only in our house! (Perhaps that's just what happens when you get two people raised in the pacific northwest, and we're pretty sure our children will turn out just as particular). We really , really got lucky to get a beautiful tree at a great price from a nice family who grows them in Oregon and sells them here. Even though we're flying to Washington next Thursday, we insisted on having a fresh tree to enjoy while we're still in our home. It really helps us feel the spirit of the Christmas season, and makes our house so warm and cheery. We love it. (As does Paisley for the ornaments and Emory for the lights and colors).
And so while Emory slept in his cradle (we moved it out to the living room since we seriously considered sleeping on the floor under the Christmas tree that night), we decorated with lights, ornaments, and love to the sounds of Christmas music from itunes.

Merry Christmas!

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