Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a gorgeous spring day

Seriously, today is beautiful. The temperatures feel to be in the 60s with a nice breeze, and our house is filled with the smell of rain. I decided that since I'm so sad that we have to move from this house we love so much that I'm going to enjoy every last second of living here. That means leaving my back door open to hear the nesting birds and wind in all the trees and watching the blossoms float onto the grass. Paisley's loving it too; she spends her days either on her hind legs, watching out the screen door, or lying in front of the door, watching mating box elder bugs pass under the crack. Cat heaven.

Earlier today, I realized that enjoying this house also means deciding to put Emory's cute bedding back on his bed after I wash it so I can enjoy the room we decorated as long as possible.

Mean landladies will NOT get me down today.

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