Monday, April 19, 2010

when family came to town

... somehow I didn't get any photos of my beautiful sisters!? both here at the same time (rare) and no photos.
however, I did capture a few frequent happenings of our week together.

Emory sleeping with his great grandma--they spent many a nap like this together:
and like this too:
Emory loving all the attention he got:

me in the kitchen (seriously, that's where I spent MUCH of this visit):
the angel food cake I made in celebration of my grandma's birthday:

Emory loving on faces (a new favorite pastime):
finally, chocolate--particularly ganache to top round two of the dense dark chocolate cupcakes, requested by the chocolate lovers in the family:

we're so glad they came to visit, especially before we have to move to a smaller place.
we love you!

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