Sunday, April 18, 2010

prancing horses

Here it is! The long awaited Ferrari Challenge post. It was a very windy weekend, but overall nice temperate weather that made for a fun outing with some absolutely gorgeous machinery. As you can see, we were all decked out in our Ferrari duds, especially Emory.
A beautiful 330 from when the Ferrari club was out on the track.

A new Ferrari California doing test/fun laps.

Here I am showing Emory the white Ferrari 599xx, he appreciated the cars... at least, as well as any 7.5 month old could!

Pit lane.

A couple close up shots of the 599xx. The "xx" cars (FXX, and 599XX) were quite loud, they scared Emory a bit when he wasn't paying attention and one roared by.

Pace car.

My personal favorite, the 550 Maranello. In my opinion now is a great time to buy this future classic and prices are low relative to what you are getting and what future values will be. I'll take mine in Grigio titanium over Bordeaux leather. I may settle for a red over tan.

Another of my favorites, the 330GTC (Same car as seen on that track in an earlier picture).

The beginning of the F430 challenge race...

all "gentleman drivers" so their are no professional racers/drivers here, and each is sponsored by a Ferrari dealership...

despite not being "professional," these guys are excellent drivers and take their racing seriously- as you can see.

Pit stop!!!

I love this picture! It took me a long time to time it right but it paid off.

Eventually after a long afternoon, Emory understandably lost interest in the Ferraris and started playing with the grass.

We did however, just before leaving, stumble upon the United States debut of the newest Ferrari, the 458 Italia! What a treat that was, though the lines of the car are not our favorite... maybe it'll grow on us.

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  1. Thanks for the post. Maybe I should have come after all!!