Thursday, May 20, 2010

discover moab: beutler family trip may 12-14, 2010*: day 1

We've maybe mentioned before how completely enamored we are with southern Utah. Thankfully, because of our quest to visit all the national parks in this state before our annual pass runs out in October (and finally celebrating the very last few days of Jon's only break from school until he graduates instead of packing, moving or unpacking), we got to take another trip to the better half of the state. And we loved it.

We left about 3 hours late for our trip, around 11 am, but it was really perfect timing since that's about Emory's nap time. And after what felt like took forever to get out of the never-ending city that spans the Wasatch valley, we were on our way. The little man did so well, only waking up for a snack and a practice at driving about an hour outside of Moab.

Now, you may all think that Jon puts him in the position to drive, but that's so not the case. Whenever Emory comes to the front of the car now, he reaches for the steering wheel like it's going to save his life. Makes his daddy proud.

After checking into our cabin (which was really pleasantly comfortable and clean and much better priced than hotels in the area), we headed to Dead Horse Point State Park. Cows and their calves greeted us on the drive in and out of the park.

At this point, the little man had spent enough (or too much) time by himself in the backseat, so I joined him. He was thrilled. From the brochure he read to me all about how cowboys used to use the area to corral their horses and one time, they forgot to return to get their horses who then all died of thirst on the cliff edge.

Yes, we're awesome parents and had our child sit on the edge of a cliff.

Just kidding... you can see the other rock behind him here, and I'm in a ditch between the two portions with my hand on his back.

Gorgeous sky, amazing rocks.

After we finished delicately balancing the tripod for a family shot of us overlooking Dead Horse Point, I felt dizzy and nauseated from the height and that we had our child that close to the cliff edge... and I'm not even afraid of heights.

When we returned to the cabin, Emory had his tub time in the tiny kitchenette sink. He loved it.

*So my disclaimer for the cheesy title is that Jon teased me when he saw that I actually titled our plan/ list of ideas for our trip to Moab. I just felt like since I was typing an actual document of different hikes and good times of day for photograph lighting, the printed product should have a title. And just so he'll tease me more, I'll title the daily posts about our trip with the same name.

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  1. That is such a great vista! How was the road leading up there?