Wednesday, May 19, 2010

for now

we've been busy, busy, busy, but productive too, which is always good.

we knocked out the rest of the utah national parks last week with a fabulous trip to moab and arches and canyonlands, which of course just made us want to go back again.

then we continued the weekend with a delicious dinner with sarah and bryan and little brie.

this week, we've been checking off our to-do list day by day, with today's huge accomplishments being finding and ordering the right men's ring for next week's much anticipated wedding and finally videotaping a tour of our now decorated abode. it's quite cozy here. also, jon is back in school... hooray! or not.

next week we're off to washington for the aforementioned much anticipated wedding, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

but for now, even with hoards of blogging catch up to do, i'll leave you with two precious photos of the little man from today:

exhibit a: emory, completely exhausted and after fighting me through a round of breastfeeding (any mothers out there have suggestions for what to do when your babies get old and you have to fight to get nutritious breast milk into their systems through all the distractions?), succumbs to sleep and remains crashed on his blanket on the floor while we prepare to leave to run the day's errands.

exhibit b: emory, crashed out again, loves his new giraffe that he fell in love with at anthropologie. so much in love that we paid the exorbitant price tag to purchase said giraffe after tantrums were thrown when we threatened to leave the toy in the store.

look forward to lengthy posts before we leave for washington.

also, a very happy birthday to jessalin tomorrow! hope all your dreams come true and that you get an opossum?! we love you!

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